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First of all, we sincerely welcome you to the website of Chonbuk National University Law Research Institute.

The institute aims to investigate and study domestic and foreign legal theories and precedents, collect and analyze various legal information to harmonize legal theory and reality issues, and to revitalize the research functions of law schools by holding special lectures on celebrities, seminars, and symposiums.

In addition, the research results of researchers are widely notified both domestically and internationally, and at the same time, "Law Research," an evaluation registration site of the Korea Research Foundation, is published three times a year. In the future, we will make efforts to contribute to the creation of legal culture in Jeollabuk-do and to become a competent research institute that can lead the legal culture of Korea.

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In April
Head of Chonbuk National University Law Research Institute
Prof. Bae, Jaeng-saeng